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Congratulatory Message: Prof. Daniel K. Bediako, Vice-Chancellor

Congratulations, class of 2020! You were supposed to graduate in July, but Covid-19 did not make this possible. Again, because of the pandemic we have had to confer your degrees on you via the internet. How I wish we could rejoice with you, your family, and friends on our beautiful campuses! Covid-19 notwithstanding, graduation is here. You have made it.

The pressure may have taken its own toll—physically, emotionally, or financially. But you persevered. With determination, you marched steadily toward the goal. You have every reason to be proud of yourself for achieving this significant milestone in life. It is time for celebration, and we are glad to celebrate with you.

The theme you have chosen, “Empowered to Confront Global Challenges through Innovation, Integrity and Selfless Service,” demonstrates that you are ready to live by the core values of your alma mater. Indeed, the world needs graduates like you, graduates committed to serving their communities and countries in the fear of God and with unquestionable integrity. You have been empowered to serve selflessly, and your service must lead to transformation in society.

We live in difficult times. Covid-19 is a nightmare. It has destroyed lives. It has destabilized humanity. From Wuhan to Ghana, fear has gripped humanity. This fear is not just about contracting the virus, but more importantly about the future. Economies lie paralyzed, businesses, shut down. Employees have been laid off. Will we survive this pandemic? How will the post-Covid-19 world look like? Is there hope?

My dear graduates, let not the challenges of this pandemic weigh you down! Let not fear overtake faith in God. Look beyond the current crisis and focus on the future, a future that all of us must work towards. Yes, there is hope. Even as the world gropes through this crisis, I urge you to focus on building smiles on people’s faces and actively seeking the welfare of your community. I am certain that the rigors of education at Valley View University have fostered a balanced development of your physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual powers, and has prepared you adequately for a useful and joy-filled life. Being a beneficiary of value-based Christian education, you are positioned well enough to face the challenges of life with integrity, to inspire hope in others through your life, and to offer innovative solutions to mitigate the problems of society, making life a bit more comfortable for others even in this Covid-19 world.

Dear graduates, I congratulate you once again and encourage you to be good ambassadors of your alma mater. Let her core values of excellence, integrity, and service remain with you each step of the way as you enter the world of work! Determine to impact society positively! Make us proud, even as we are proud of you! And remember that the Lord is with you as long as you are with Him (2 Chron 15:2). May He grant you success in life as you boldly confront the challenges of today in preparation for a better tomorrow!