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Congratulatory Message: Ps. Odomse Akuoko-Nyantakyi, Resgistrar

Congratulations! Congratulations on your Graduation!

Graduation is a milestone worth celebrating in the academic journey. Indeed, it has been a journey through rugged paths, over rocks and precipice across mountains and valleys. Sometimes, the struggle involved groping through the dark or wading through the flood. Even before making it finally to the bank of the river, it was a battle with the dreadful COVID-19 pandemic to obtain the crown.

You deserve the crown as you have endured the cross. Through it all, you own it to God, who has provided, protected, sustained and crowned your efforts with success.  Therefore, you have every reason to thank God and celebrate your success in a grand style. Congratulations on making your parents and VVU proud!

As you transit into the ever-changing global village, learn to adapt to challenges and apply the acquired knowledge to transform society. Edward Deming (1950), the proponent of Total Quality Management theory, identifies innovativeness with one’s ability to create, acquire, transmit and “modify behaviour to reflect new knowledge." This principle is key to solving personal, organisational and social problems. Your survival, success and impact on the 21st Century society are contingent on how you apply educational experience to resolve real-life problems. 

More importantly, enduring success and the quality of life depend mostly on your relationship with God. Remember, VVU education is primarily meant to nurture a life of virtues characterised by excellence, integrity and service. With these Christian principles, you will stand tall among your compatriots and impact positively on your family, corporate organisations and society at large.

You have a sacred responsibility to render service of integrity to Mother Ghana, so go, and make a difference! Go and be good Ambassadors of Valley View University!

May the Lord be “the sure foundation of all your times, a rich store of salvation, wisdom and knowledge. The fear of the Lord is the key to this treasure.” “In righteousness, you will be established" (Isaiah 33:6; 54:13, 14). May God richly bless you and make you prosperous! 



Ps. Odomse Akuoko-Nyantakyi